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In Celebration! is a special CD made by the Jaguar Land Rover Band. It recognises the band’s 70th anniversary of music making and the 25 years of service from its then Musical Director, Dave Lea.


“The items chosen for this CD are very special and somewhat personal choices. However I know that although there is both a personal connection to me and the band you will enjoy our playing.


It is a major achievement for any amateur organisation to reach its 70th birthday. It is testament to a very loyal and committed team of players who give significant amounts of time not only for their personal music and practice but to the successful running of the band; and for that they must be congratulated.


On a personal note I am grateful for the opportunity to select music from my 25 years with the band and below outline the reason for the choice of pieces and how they connect with myself and the band.


Whilst listening to the CD I do hope you will enjoy our offering and join with us ‘In Celebration!’” 


Dave Lea

Musical Director

Glory Fanfare

Otto Schwarz

This is an excellent fanfare which I have had the pleasure to introduce to the JLR band over the last twelve months. It was first brought to my attention whilst conducting my first concert with Brass Band Regensburg, Germany in 2013. 


Festival March – Celebration

Leslie Condon

This is one of my favourite marches and takes me back to my time playing cornet in the Salvation Army Band in Coventry. It is a piece the band enjoys playing and was specially chosen for this CD.


Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana

Pietro Mascagni

Cavalleria Rusticana was a favourite of my late Father in-Law who would often be heard humming this haunting melody around the house. Darren, his grandson is performing this solo on soprano cornet. It is a lovely melody and one I am sure you will enjoy.


Bobby Shaftoe

Traditional/ Arr. Chris North

A fun piece; written by a good friend of many of us in the band, Chris North. The band has performed this item on a number of our entertainment contests. It is always well received.



George Marshall

Principal euphonium Ian Wright has chosen to play this fine traditional Salvation Army solo on a number of concert programmes recently. It has brought back memories of many fine performances by my cousin and best Man, Roger Lea. This solo shows of Ian’s technical ability on the euphonium very well and I know you will enjoy his performance immensely.


An American Tale

Dan Price

As well as a firm favourite at concerts, the band has featured ‘An American Tale’ at a number of entertainment contests and in 2011 formed part of our winning performance at the Bolsover Entertainment Contest.


O Rest in the Lord

Mendelsohn/ Arr. A Goldsmith

The arrangement of ‘O Rest in the Lord’ is taken from the early Salvation Army repertoire. It is a piece my Father played live during a performance for the BBC’s Listen to the Band by the Coventry Salvation Army Band in the early 1950’s. I would like to thanks Lara for playing this lovely melody by Mendelsohn so exquisitely and to dedicate the performance to my late father, Albert Lea.


March - Circus Bee

H Fillmore/ Arr. Keith Wilkinson

This lively circus march by Henry Fillmore has been cleverly rearranging for brass band by our good friend Dr Keith Wilkinson who now resides in the United States. Many of us in the band have fond memories of playing for Keith in the former William Davis Construction Group Band in the late 80s and 90s.


Rhapsody for Cornet and Band

Ray Bowes

Rhapsody for Cornet and Band is a solo written by the late Ray Bowes of the Salvation Army in 1978. During my playing career I was featured with this solo many times throughout the UK and on tour in the USA. It is not a solo that is heard of so much today, however it is exciting music that features the lovely carol “ A Christmas Lullaby.” Principal cornetist Paul White provide a fantastic rendition of the solo which I have no doubt we will be featuring on many more concerts to come.



E Lecuona/ Arr. (B Holman/J Ott/ C Sharp)

Malaquena is a well-known big band number made famous by the Stan Kenton Orchestra. We have included this great arrangement of Chris Sharp to celebrate the banding friendship we enjoy with our good friends from The Brass Band of Central Florida.


Mona Lisa

R Evans & J Livingston/ Arr. Rick Mizell

Nat King Cole made the song Mona Lisa a hit in the 1950’s and is featured here as a trombone solo played by my son, Kevin. It is a cleverly scored solo by our very good friend Rick Mizell. Rick is a music producer for Disney in the USA and an excellent band arranger. We are privileged to feature many of his arrangement in our concert programmes.


Swedish Folk Song

Traditional/ Arr. Peter Graham

As well as being popular with many, the hymn tune ‘How great thou art’ was a firm favourite for my late mother Eva Lea. We play this arrangement in memory of her and our former bandsman and close friend, Dave Bartle.


By the Time I get to Phoenix

J Webb/ Arr. Derek Ashmore

Andy Bates is one of the longest serving members of my time with the band and has been featured playing this solo on numerous concerts. It was also featured at a number of winning entertainment contests during the 1990’s. Andy has a legendary flugel sound which is shown off admirably with this performance.


Tone Poem - The Kingdom Triumphant

Eric Ball

Eric Ball is considered one of the legendary composers in the brass band world. This tone poem is designed to remind listeners of the Christian doctrine of the Second Advent of Chris at the end of this age. It is popular with the band and is my all-time favourite SA piece.


Home of Legends

Paul Lovatt-Cooper

A great finisher to this celebration CD and an appropriate choice to recognise and thank all those band members who have contributed and worked with me to make Jaguar Land Rover Band the success it is today.





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